The application criteria reflect the core values that are recognized by the Award. Each element provides the foundation on which excellence in EHS is evaluated from a business systems perspective.  Applicants are asked to write a narrative including the following elements, telling an evidence-based success story in which the organization conveys how its integrated EHS management system led to sustained and enhanced business performance.

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Your guide to the Campbell Award application process

Executive Summary

Summary of narrative submittal highlighting key points of each evaluation section.

Section 1: Business Profile
  • Business description and organization chart
  • EHS and business challenges
Section 2: Leadership
  • Organizational leadership
  • Commitment to EHS Goals
  • Organizational climate/culture
  • Citizenship
Section 3: Integrated EHS Management System
  • Policies, Goals, and Objectives
  • Communications
  • Audits and continuous improvement
  • Hazard recognition and risk management
  • Prevention through design and engineering
  • Operational EHS programs
  • Management of change
  • Workforce empowerment, involvement and motivation
  • Training, competency building and succession planning
  • Impact of EHS on and off the job
Section 4: Performance Measurements & Information Management
  • Systemic use of key leading and lagging indicators
  • Measurement quality and data collection
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Accessibility and data
Section 5: EHS Results
  • Continuous improvement process
Section 6: Linkage Between EHS & Business Performance
  • Integration of EHS and business
  • Added value or cost reduction
  • Continuous performance improvement
  • Operational performance through EHS
Section 7: Lessons Learned & Path Forward
  • Lessons Learned
  • Path Forward
Example EHS Challenge
  • Statement of Problem
  • Description of Actions
  • Analysis of Observed Results
  • Reflection on Continuous Improvement
Data Snapshot
  • Data snapshot
  • Disclosure, as applicable

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