The Campbell Award honors a business, enterprise, or entity that employs a management system in which EHS is well integrated and recognized as a key business value. Publicly or privately held organizations and governmental agencies are encouraged to apply. “Stand-alone” subunits or divisions of larger organizations may apply. These subunits must have business operations that are self-contained, report financial performance at least annually, and have independently auditable EHS and business performance measurements. The subunits must be answerable to a board of directors or other singular top level entity which could range from an independent board to a proprietorship. Stand-alone subunits of larger organizations are highly encouraged to confirm applicability by contacting the Campbell Award directly.

The submitting organization or subunit must:

  • Demonstrate that a well-integrated EHS management system leads to proven success in EHS practices and enhances the business’ productivity
  • Show consistent improvement or sustained leading performance in EHS for a minimum of five years (Performance measurements must be established through recognized industry, national and/or international metrics)
  • Show sustained sound financial management, including at least five consecutive years of profitability or outstanding financial performance within relevant industries at the time of Award application (if a company has rated public debt, it must carry an investment grade rating).

Submitting organizations fall into two categories based on the number of workers. Organizations compete for the Award within their size category. Subunits are classified dependent on the number of workers in their parent organization, regardless of the size of the subunit.

Category Breakdown

  • Category I: Organizations with more than 1,000 workers and subunits of such organizations
  • Category II: Organizations with 1,000 or fewer workers and subunits of such organizations

If there are questions about the applicability of your organization, please contact us.

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