Established in 2004 and supported by a network of Global Partners across five continents, the international Robert W. Campbell Award recognizes organizations that achieve excellence through the integration of environmental, health and safety management into business operations. The Campbell Award aims to foster the sharing of leading-edge EHS management and best practices worldwide; learn more about the mission and goals.

The Campbell Award is named after the first President of the National Safety Council (NSC), a noted safety pioneer who believed that the success of the safety movement would depend on educating engineers, top executives and the general public on the business benefits of EHS.

Award partnerships and the Campbell Institute

NSC and the Campbell Award underwriters collectively present the Campbell Award. Established in 1913, NSC is a nonprofit public service organization dedicated to the safety and health of all people. The mission of NSC is to eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. The Award is underwritten by Exxon Mobil Corporation and Cummins Inc. These organizations share the vision and support the mission of the Campbell Award through dedication of time and resources.

The administrator of the Campbell Award, the Campbell Institute at NSC, is the center of EHS excellence. Built from the Award winners’ collaborative efforts, the Institute fosters healthy and high performing workplaces through identification and sharing of best practices in order to continuously improve EHS performance. Impact driven, rigorous and leading-edge, the Institute believes that EHS management is at the core of business vitality and sustainability, and is intrinsic to operational excellence and financial performance.

As a platform for Campbell Award winners and other leading organizations, the Institute will gather and amplify their collective experience and knowledge to enable the creation of safer workplaces and communities worldwide. We encourage you to learn more about the Campbell Institute by visiting

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