Each applicant, regardless of category will progress through the same review process. Once past the initial screening phase, each submittal is evaluated by at least three members of the Review Panel. Applicants are judged on the information in the submission and on organization of material, clarity of language and supporting data. Reviewers provide quantitative and qualitative feedback for each section and element of the criteria. A minimum score must be achieved to continue to the next stage in the review process.

A limited number of submittals advance to the executive review stage where finalists are selected to receive onsite assessments. An assessment team will conduct the onsite assessments using an audit format at the finalists’ headquarters and at least two operations sites. Specific information for the onsite assessments will be provided to the finalist organizations.

A combined score is determined through an analysis and consensus process based on the submittal and the onsite assessment results. This score will determine the Robert W. Campbell Award winner. In the event that two finalists in the same category present Award winning attributes, it is possible for the organizations to be declared co-recipients.

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