The Mission

Identify and provide evidence-based findings that enable current and future business leaders to effectively advance business vitality through embracing the value of environmental, health, and safety management.

The Goals

The Campbell Award recognizes organizations for commendable leadership and excellence in integrating EHS management with business operations systems. The Award aims to:

  • Establish a validated process by which organizations can measure the performance of their EHS operations system against well tested and internationally accepted key performance indicators
  • Capture and evaluate the successes and lessons learned through a rigorous systematic review process
  • Foster the sharing of leading-edge EHS management systems and best practices for educational purposes worldwide
  • Recognize organizations that have EHS well integrated as a key business value and in which measurable achievements in EHS performance are productive and profitable

The Award is supported by a network of Global Partners across five continents committed to promoting EHS worldwide. Through this collaboration the message of EHS management as an intrinsic and necessary part of business will become more widely recognized and accepted.

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