Organizations experience a variety of challenges during the application process. Below are ten tips answering the most frequently asked questions and addressing the biggest difficulties applicants face while writing their winning application. As always, if additional help is needed contact us directly.

Use the application to tell the organization’s story – the narrative should describe how the integration of an EHS management system helped build a sustainable business

Address each question and direction in every element – even if the organization doesn’t excel in a specific area, explain the progress the organization has made

Use as much detail as possible in the narrative – the page limit may make this difficult but refer to past winning applications to see how this is executed well

Don’t rely on the appendices too much – explain each concept in the narrative and only reference the appendices to provide more detail

Whenever possible, touch on environment, health and safety separately – the Award criteria reflects the foundational values in all three areas

Be transparent about challenges – whether it is a serious incident or a cultural struggle, explain how your organization has learned from difficult situations

Engage a variety of individuals in the application process – think about how outside departments and shared services can be assets throughout the development of the application

Consider integrating the application process into goals – gathering and organizing the information can be time-consuming and difficult, make sure a plan is developed and accounts for needed resources

Ask for help from a seasoned expert – all applicants who complete the Letter of Intent are eligible for a mentorship with a past winner

Have fun and celebrate what the organization is proudest of – the best applications explain what makes the organization uniquely successful

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