Identification of systematic gaps

The first goal of the Campbell Award is to establish a measurement tool for organizations to self-evaluate their management system. Each year with the publication of the Information Packet, the submission criteria details the key aspects of an EHS management system. This information is accessible to all organizations and can be used to identify systematic gaps.

Establish mentorships

Organizations who submit a letter of intent and show interest in applying, receive the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with Campbell Award staff and past winner representatives. These conversations often grow into formal mentorships through the submission process and have proven to be invaluable for applicants.

Get feedback from experts

Once an application is submitted, it is evaluated by the Review Panel. Including over 40 international EHS experts from industry, academic institutions, and non-government organizations, the Review Panel scores and provides feedback on every section of the criteria. All applicants receive written feedback from the reviewers in hopes of helping improve their EHS management system. Further, if an organization is selected as a Finalist, an assessment team provides additional feedback based on an onsite, in-person look at operations.

Recognition for EHS excellence

The Campbell Award hopes to create lasting relationships with all organizations who are interested in improving their EHS management system and helping eliminate preventable deaths through achieving and sustaining EHS excellence. As noted in the guiding principles of the Campbell Institute, individually we are strong but collectively we are stronger.

If you are interested in getting involved an need some help, reach out to us directly or check out 10 tips for writing a winning application. When you are ready to start your application, make sure you review how to apply and the eligibility requirements.

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